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Solaqua sits along the Stonykill (creek) on the site of the former century-old Columbia Box Board paper mill — an innovative manufacturer of recycled papers as early as the 1950s — that ceased operations in 1995. A sprawling complex of buildings covering several acres, the development of Solaqua will continue the tradition of innovative usage of the site through rehabilitation and reuse as a green building, food and energy center powered by renewable energy technologies for the 21st century.

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The primary site is over one quarter mile long, containing over 100,000 square feet arrayed in nearly 1,000 feet of contiguous buildings, including three freestanding structures, on a 40-acre site. Four large, clear-span spaces, each of approximately 8500 square feet flank the central heavy industry portion of the mill and adjacent power plant building. Exterior features include a Class B non-navigable stream, historic dam and waterfall, mountain views and an active double-track freight railway. Another 180 acres surround the site, mostly to the west. The site is zoned “I” — Industrial and “C” — Commercial — for multiple permitted businesses dependent upon traffic flow, parking, sewage disposal, and availability of utilities