Solar Oven Project

Project Location:
Claverack School, Claverack, NY

Palissa, Uganda AFRICA

Project Description:
This project is designed to educate students, and eventually Ugandans, of the cooking power of the sun. The QUESTAR Claverack School students and faculty, with the funding and guidance of SOLAQUA representatives, have constructed a permanent solar oven in their schoolyard. The students are developing a construction manual to share with residents of Palissa, Uganda. The manual will be used to construct a larger community solar oven for a hospital located in Palissa, and subsequently transfer this technology.
The goal of this project is to develop a solar oven construction in Uganda with the assistance of micro-credit loans.

Project Benefits:

• Create a project-based learning activity for students
• Discussion of social, economic and environmental issues around the world

• Reduce risks associated with fuel collection for Ugandan women or children
• Reduce health problems related to current cooking methods
• Reduce the depletion of forests in Uganda)