Aligna, Artist in Residence

Our belief at Solaqua is that the world can be a more beautiful place if we move towards mindful consumption.  Part of that mindfulness includes utilizing recycling to lower our waste streams and using recycled materials whenever possible.

It was this belief that led to a serendipitous meeting with the international recycling artist, Aligna.  Aligna takes the recycling approach one step further and creates stunning beautiful art from materials that are discarded without a second glance.

Aligna’s sculptures have been exhibited worldwide and his installations have garnered international acclaim.  His installations include a growing Flower Park (complete with luminous cave) in Chars, France, and various large installations at Granville (Normandy), Battersea (London), Gerona (Spain), Venice and Genova (Italy) and Calvi, Corsica.

Aligna toured our mill and saw beauty and potential in the remnants of old machines and rusted metal.  After we saw his transformative sculptures, we saw it too.  Aligna has since become our artist in residence for three summers.  At the end of each summer he holds a free exhibition of his work to celebrate the beauty that can be created from the most unlikely of materials.

To read more about the artist please visit his website